Why you should be on InstaHealer?

InstaHealer is brining health revolution for the first time in Pakistan. Some major key-points of its services are:

  • Its digital era and everything is moving towards automation. In Pakistan round about 90% people have smart phones and most of them are using 3G / 4G. InstaHealer is introducing health revolution in Pakistan for the first time.
  • InstaHealer digitalizing all possible health services. Before launching InstaHealer (PVT) Limited, it was much difficult to find best doctors. They kept asking to their friends and family to know about a doctor. Then they faced a lot of difficulties to find doctor contact number. If they found contact number then faced network issues blah blah. Now InstaHealer is providing all possible health services under one click of your smart phone.
  • Increasing chances of practice for doctors. Now no need of many years for doctors to make your reputation. In the past doctors having years of services actually had 0-0 years of reputation. Now each appointment of doctor will be added to his / her reputation.
  • By joining InstaHealer doctors can increase their revenues to 500%. Actually we are providing a platform where doctors can increase their reach. Everyone who needs any type of health service, come to InstaHealer and search doctors under single click. In this way this is a great platform for doctors to increase their practice.
  • Doctors don't need to advertise them and their services, InstaHealer will be advertising your services in millions of Pakistanis.
  • InstaHealer has aim to remove manual documentations to assist doctors. Now no needs to maintain appointment records on register.
  • Doctors and patients can check their past history of appointments and can check prescriptions.
  • Now every Pakistani is capable to find doctors in targeted locations. Like if someone want to find best and competing doctors in Islamabad or in any city of Pakistan, he she just needs to enter city and specialty to find doctors.
  • InstaHealer is providing nearest doctors recommendations. If someone is in emergency and wants to find nearest doctors in no time then InstaHealer Mobile Application is the best place for them.
  • Get online appointments, now users can easily get appointment just under few clicks. Appointments can be achieved from targeted location doctors or can be achieved from nearest doctors in emergency basis.
  • Proper path guideline and navigation system to reach doctor / clinic / hospital. InstaHealer is providing effective path guidelines to reach any doctor, hospital or clinic.
  • InstaHealer to remain in Livestream. If any doctor is not on InstaHealer then his/her identity will be no more in coming few months as his / her competing doctors will be getting more appointments, famous, and more online credibility.
  • Effective communication b/w doctors and patients during appointments. Effective and secured chat will only start when doctor approve appointment.
  • Cancel / reschedule appointment request. Doctor can request rescheduling of appointment if he / she got much busy and need to change appointment this is possible. Similarly if patient is not available he / she has to go anywhere then appointment can be requested for rescheduling.
  • Online credibility of doctors. InstaHealer is providing amazing chance for doctors to create their online credibility. Once appointment is completed system send a request to patient to leave feedback (Stars + Complement) for doctor. In this way doctor can produce his / her great online reputation.
  • Health feed, InstaHealer giving chance to doctors to write their articles to increase their reach on searches. Patients / Users can read health related articles to remain healthy.
  • You can share your profiles, articles, photos at social media websites.
  • You can report any user if you find him / her abusive / aggressive or fraudulent.